Long John Walker was known as the most deadly gunfighter in California.  His nickname comes from the fact that he could hit a target at rifle-distance with his standard Colt Model P revolver.  He was a gun for hire that was known for his stoic, detached demeanor and a stare as piercing as his bullets.  He gained his fame traveling with “the Johns,” a group of bounty hunters who roamed Eastern California and Western Nevada and were incredibly successful at what they did.

Long John is a western webcomic by D. Bethel that focuses on identity and loss in the California's wild west. A long-form story-based comic that started in 2014, Long John showcases D. Bethel’s already fan-favorite artistic stylings and storytelling as it ventures into new and exciting places. Volumes 1 - 3 are available in print (and online) with Volume 4 in progress for a 2019-2020 release.

Eben07 was an espionage humor parody webcomic that ran from 2007-2013. Co-created and co-written by D. Bethel and Eben Burgoon, D. Bethel also illustrated the comic, yielding over 250 pages, and seven completed books. Eben07 followed the titular character who worked in janitorial espionage––that is, cleaning up the messes left behind by the world's leading secret agents (and other action heroes). With stories that parodied everything from James Bond to Metal Gear Solid, the series also proved a fertile canvas to hone both of the creators' fledgling sequential storytelling skills.

Digital copies of the comic will be available on this website soon.

Be sure to check out the current comic of Eben07 co-creator, Eben Burgoon, another humor action comic called B-Squad.



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