Long John, Chapter 3 is Updating!

June 27, 2018

 The third chapter of my webcomic, Long John, began updating at its website recently. This chapter continues directly from where chapter 2 left off and pushes things forward into more heated––and violent––areas.


The first chapter, "Sunza," sets up the setting and Long John's character and lets the reader know that this is a hostile world peppered with good intentions. If you want to read Long John from the beginning, click here.


Chapter 2 mixes things up by delving into the mind of a gunslinger who has everything taken away. What happens when the strong are made weak? What happens when the things that kept you safe put you in harm's way? What happens when you lose every thing? If you want to catch up quickly so you can get right into chapter 3, then you should at least read chapter 2, "Bird's Eye," by clicking here.


Or, to just get right into chapter 3, "Making Smoke," start at its first page by clicking here.


As ever, you can already buy chapter 3 in book form, though the webcomic version comes packed with extra notes and insights that the books don't have. But if you buy a book, you'll get an original Long John sketch from me! The book is $8 by itself or you can buy all three books in a $20 bundle!




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